Clue to the First Question

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We do have one person very close, but check the clue and you should have the right answer. CLUE: The answer can be found on schedule C-23 in the financial summary section.  

Given Los Gatos’ and Worldwide Economic Circumstances, Is This The Time To Increase Town Expenses By $1,000,000?

Dear Honorable Mayor and Council Members,                                      5-3-20 The undersigned respectfully request that agenda item # 8 be removed from the May 5, 2020 consent calendar. We believe the Town and its residents will benefit greatly from a wholistic and transparent … Continued


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There are defensive measures you can take around your own house to reduce the chance that the fire will spread to your house.

A Letter to the General Plan Advisory Committee 4-23-19

To Members of the General Plan Advisory Committee The issue we have is the same we’ve had for 3 years: a lack of transparency and forthrightness has again been authorized by Staff.  Misstated information produces mistaken assumptions, wasting the time … Continued