Car Counts on Marchmont UP!

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UPDATE The news on the Hillbrook issue is that there isn’t any news. I contacted our planning associate Jennifer Savage three times in January and early February to see if anything was happening. I asked whether additional environmental review was … Continued

Marchmont (aka, Hillbrook) update

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Hello, all. Just a few hours after I sent the last update, I received some new information. So please save this date: Monday, March 4. The Hillbrook CUP application will not be presented to the Planning Commission until the Fall … Continued

Cumulative Impacts of Los Gatos Developments from 2010 to ~ 2014

Executive Summary: New projects will generate >39,000 new car trips (our estimate)  and add >480 new students to the school system.* Note: The numbers below are taken mostly from the town documents or from authoritative sources (e.g. school superintendent who … Continued

Hillbrook Update

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Update on the Hillbrook School Violations: -Barbara Dodson Hello, all. Our planning associate, Jennifer Savage, has now told us that the Planning Commission meeting to address the new Hillbrook CUP will probably not happen for another six months. Hillbrook submitted … Continued